Dermatitis and eczema.


Dermatitis and eczema.

Dermatitis and eczema.  


Eczema - Dermatitis

Eczema (dermatitis) is shown the red stains, dry and itchy skin, often covered with bubbles. This condition is also called eczema. Risk factors or dependent form of the disease.

Main characteristics of eczema - red, dry and itchy skin, which is sometimes covered with small blisters filled with fluid. Eczema tends to periodic relapses throughout the life of the patient. There are several different forms of eczema. Some provoked quite certain factors, but others, such as nummular eczema, develops for unknown reasons.

Atopic dermatitis - the most common form of eczema. It usually first appears as early as infancy and may worsen in adolescence and middle age. The reason for this condition is not known, but people with an inherited tendency to allergic reactions, including asthma, are more prone to this form of eczema.

Contact dermatitis. Direct contact with irritants or allergic reaction to them can lead to the development of other forms of eczema - contact dermatitis.

Seborrheic dermatitis. This form of eczema affects everyone, from infants to adults. The exact cause of seborrheic dermatitis is unknown, though this condition is often associated with the propagation of yeast-like organisms on the skin.

Nummular eczema. This form of eczema is more common in men than in women. When nummular eczema on the skin of the arms, legs and torso appear itchy round patches of dry skin, moreover, the affected skin may become wet.

Asteatoz - skin disease is most common in older people. Its causes dryness of the skin, which is one of the signs of aging. In addition, exposure to dry and cold air can also cause asteatoz. Characterized by scaly plaques scattered, sometimes covered with cracks.

Dyshydrosis. This form of eczema occurs in areas of thick skin on the fingers, palms and soles. First appear itchy blisters, sometimes they merge and form large moist areas that thicken and crack. The reason is not known.

To remove the itching and inflammation of the skin using topical corticosteroids. Need to avoid contact with substances that can irritate the skin. In the case of contact dermatitis to determine the cause of the allergy skin tests are used. Most forms of eczema can be successfully controlled.

Eczema in Children - itching and redness of the skin, sometimes accompanied by the appearance of scaly rash. Can occur at any age, but most often develops under the age of 18 months. Sometimes the predisposition to the disease is inherited. Exposure to irritants exacerbates the situation. Gender does not matter.

The disease can last for many years, but usually takes place in early childhood. A child with eczema redness, inflammation of the skin, itching, which may cause him concern. Causes of eczema in children remain unknown. Some children have eczema may cause some allergens (substances that trigger an allergic reaction). These may include: cow's milk, soy, wheat and eggs.

Children with eczema are also subject to other conditions that accompany allergies, such as hay fever and asthma. Close relatives of the child may also suffer from allergies of some type, which suggests involvement of hereditary factors in the appearance of eczema.

Some of the symptoms of eczema in children may include:

- Red scaly rash;

- Severe itching;

- Gradual thinning of the skin.

Infants rash usually occurs on the face and neck, and when the child begins to crawl, goes on knees and elbows. In older children, the rash usually appears on the inside of the elbows and knees and wrists. Intense itching makes the child to comb the affected area, while respecting the integrity of the skin and making it easier to get into the wound pathogenic bacteria. With the development of infection inflammation becomes heavier, sores begin to get wet.

A rare but serious complication of eczema is varioliformny pustulosis sarcoma that develops when a child suffering from eczema is infected with herpes simplex virus. This complication is accompanied by the spread of rashes all over the body, the formation of blisters and fever.

With the development of a child's eczema should consult your doctor. Your child's doctor will explain the rules of daily care of the child, and recommend those skin care child that fit him well, for example, not soderzhashih flavors bath oils or creams. Your doctor may prescribe topical corticosteroids, thus relieving inflammation, and antibiotics in oral form or ointments containing antibiotics, if the affected skin is infected. The child will be assigned to oral antihistamines, which help to reduce itching and act as uspokaivayushie funds.

In very rare cases, children with severe eczema be hospitalized. Treatment usually consists in the application of ointments with corticosteroids in the inflamed area and applied to the affected skin with bandages soaked softening ointment.

To prevent the development of relapse and maintain the health of the child in a normal state, should observe the following rules:

- Avoid using cosmetics with aromatic additives;

- Not undermine the child soap and softening milk;

- When washing the child to use moisturizers bath;

- Immediately after washing rub into the skin of the child cooled moisturizer;

- Use of topical corticosteroids prescribed by the doctor;

- If the child is combing the wound, you should make sure that his nails cut short.

With the development of the child varioliformnogo pustulosis sarcoma should be hospitalized for treatment. Treatment includes intravenous infusion of antiviral drugs.

If it is determined that the cause of eczema is a type of food, with the exception of the dishes from the child's diet can help to cope with the problem. Nevertheless, the development of the child's special diet needs to be addressed to parents together with your doctor. Prevent the development of allergies in children may be breastfed.

Since eczema is a chronic disease, against which there is no treatment with immediate and final results, you can use methods of alternative medicine on the advice of a doctor.

The child may suffer from eczema during childhood. Although there is no effective treatment for the disease, symptoms of eczema can usually be controlled. To youthful age eczema usually passes without leaving scars on the skin, but in very rare cases, the rash can last. Approximately half of eczema sufferers develop other allergic reactions.

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