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Skin diseases: WRINKLES.


Cold laser Vityas helps treat Skin diseases: HERPES OF SKIN and GENITAL ORGANS.


Skin diseases:

Cold laser Vityas helps treat Skin diseases: FURUNCULOSIS and VERRUCAS.


Skin diseases:

Cold laser Vityas helps treat dermatitis and eczema.


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Skin diseases and cold laser Vityas.



Cold laser Vityas helps treat Skin diseases: WRINKLES.


08.06.2011, 15:45

I'm 27 years old. As a child sick with atopic dermatitis for many years was in remission. Moved to Italy and started having problems: itching, not cheshitsya, and even just tickled all over, respectively comb, sometimes even at the slightest touch poyavlaetsya blood. There was a lot of stress, I try not to get nervous, but it's hard. Now that summer, it became easier, but there was another problem. Apparently, after a long hormonal cream, tablets etc. I have something broken, the skin of hands appeared smaller spots. A lot of sunbathing, and now I'm afraid. In this case, the skin is soft. Pass it? What do you drink tablets, a tan in the sun?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Rather, in Italy you have changed the usual set of food. Atopic dermatitis is not like dieting disorders. The man, who was born in Belarus, not enough enzymes to break down citrus. Southerners also usually use more acute than we eat. If "tickled all over her body," then it is possible that there is some sort of allergic reaction to washing powder, shower gels. In this case, wash clothes soap and shower use regular soap - no color and fragrance free. Allergy symptoms withdraw antihistamines. Use soothing cream - not necessarily use hormonal creams. But before you start treatment, see a dermatologist for advice and a full examination.

06/06/2011, 8:45

Please tell me how to remove a wart on my leg? Can I delete it if I feed my baby? And the beard were any pimples that are sometimes itchy that it could be?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Warts on the soles in the home can be removed with special extracts, which are sold in pharmacies. On the instructions usually say to them "to lubricate the browning." This can not be done. Wash your feet and apply a small amount, avoiding his course on clean skin. Over time (2-3 weeks) upper warts will mortify. Pregnancy is not a contraindication for such treatment. On the face you are likely to oral dermatitis. Since you are pregnant, take a diet: give up coffee, fried. Eat 4 times a day. You can also advise antibiotic ointments. But first, consult a dermatologist to determine the exact cause of acne.

05.06.2011, 23:23

When walking in the shoes of a burning sensation and burning stop.Nuzhno whether to see a specialist? To what? What does such a state? How to get rid of it?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Be sure to consult a dermatologist, who will complete the survey. You may be referred to a neurologist - if the cause is neurological. Usually irritating detergent that you wash your socks. When wearing shoes feet sweat - washing powder absorbed into the skin and cause irritation. In this case, washing socks - only soap.

05.06.2011, 23:12

Anaerobic infection of the feet. Prompt, to which experts should seek to find out whether there is a problem or cause a bad smell feet in something else? And I would like to understand the scheme of getting rid of this disease?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Mostly anaerobic infection occurs due to increased sweating of the feet and in poorly ventilated shoes. Folds of skin between the toes that are poorly ventilated. You can recommend the bath with black tea infuser. And daily wipe the skin folds of the feet and between the toes with a solution of 4% vinegar. It is recommended to be examined in kozhvendispansere - pass seeding foot skin microflora to prevent fungal disease. Consult a dermatologist.
05.06.2011, 23:09

Corns on feet. Show you how to get rid of them?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Generally, corns occur in people age. Cause corns can also be a flat or poorly sewn shoes, not by size. For flat-advised to wear orthotics to help take the weight off certain areas of the foot. And the shoes should always be selected by size and well made.

05.06.2011, 20:27

A month ago, the pubic spot slipped a penny of watery spots, severe itching. A week later, acne disappeared, and the spot has increased towards the groin. Inside the red dot and circle - dry, itching continues.

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Rather, it is an allergic dermatitis. Perhaps the place where the eruption occurred in contact with metal buttons. Check the clothes that you wear. If it's a skirt or jeans, which is at the level of the pubic area with metal rivets, stop wearing these clothes. And be sure to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe a treatment.

04.06.2011, 0:38

I palmoplantar psoriasis, sick 1.5 years. Was treated in statsioare. Recommended use ointments. After a small improvement comes aggravation. Severely cracked skin hodit.Chto can not do?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Palmoplantar psoriasis quite complex disease. If the prescribed treatment does not work, it is necessary to re-apply to the dermatologist, who will select the other drugs. Also, try to avoid contact with chemicals hands, especially with detergent. It is likely that the socks and stockings, wash in washing powder, can also cause additional irritation. Go to consult a dermatologist need constantly to monitor the healing process.

03.06.2011, 11:11

For about 6 years, when I'm in the sun with open arms, shoulders, neck, I then started itchy at these places on the face too. Redness, and for the night, all the passes. What is it, and what examination must be passed to get rid of the itch, because it's summer.

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Most likely, it photodermatitis. Its cause may be due to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. Need to be tested. When you are in the sun, use sunscreen - in areas open to the sun. It is advisable to wear clothes that cover the place where the rash. And no harm will be a consultation with a dermatologist, who will advise ointment relieves itching.

02.06.2011, 10:57

After 60 years of skin no longer endure sunlight. In summer, the heat has to go in the cap, glasses and wearing a shirt with long sleeves. But in the hands immediately pours rash. What can be done?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Most likely, it photodermatitis. The cause may be a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys ... Consult a dermatologist, who will direct you to the survey to identify the true cause fotodermatita. When sunbathing, use sunscreen.

01.06.2011, 22:21

I support psoriasis since I was 10 (I am now 50). Psoriasis is always treated in a hospital. At home, to maintain remission in vitamins B1, B6, B12. But now in the hospital almost appoint such a complex. Is it possible that these vitamins in a complex and long-term use to the kidneys or other organs?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    In psoriasis, vitamins out of the body along with the scales. Filled by the required number in the body of B vitamins artificially. Toxic effects on the liver and kidneys of these vitamins do not have. At the same time, the B vitamins relieve inflammation in other organs. Psoriasis patients prophylactically to 3-4 times a month, the monthly cycle to take vitamins. Also, a few times a year to take immunostimulating or immunomodulating drugs - injections. Have a therapeutic effect and sunlight. Patients with psoriasis need to stay in the sun, but not in the period of exacerbation. Also, use an ointment, which reduce or inhibit the growth in psoriatic cells.

01.06.2011, 21:55

The child is 9 years old. Became climb round leather toe. Child goes to the pool almost every day, I can not heal the fingers. Give than to protect the skin, and whether it is connected to the pool? Unas also atopic dermatitis, but the skin never climbed.

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Should think of hypovitaminosis A in the body. In hypovitaminosis on the tips of the fingers and toes is peeling. A course of treatment with vitamin A (2 capsules daily) or poprinimat fish oil. Also go to study blood count with the formula. Note the percentage of eosinophils in the blood. If it is 5 percent or more, you need to think about deworming. Indeed, the presence of worms in the intestine of a child leads to vitamin deficiencies, particularly to hypovitaminosis A. If there was a fault only chlorinated water in the pool, it would be a worsening of the skin at the elbows, popliteal fossa, in the neck. You can also advise to wash socks only soap, to remove from laundry detergents socks.

31.05.2011, 12:32

My daughter (19 years old) for years peel, and sometimes get wet both ears. Half went to consult a dermatologist and a medical center. For the first time the doctor has prescribed an ointment and said that everything will be in 3 days. But nothing passed. A year later, he also appointed another agent - for a week, and then another - is a long time. But 1.5 months, as nothing changes. What do you advise us?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Apparently, this allergic reactions on the skin of ears. Can cause irritation shampoos, washing powders, which erased pillowcases foods (citrus fruits, etc.). There were cases where allergic process gained momentum in the skin of the ears of chemicals used to process the toilet. They stood in the bathroom, and when women were treated with a toilet, they become swollen and soaking the ears - and the upper respiratory tract has not even been assigned! Notice that when you get worse. If in the morning, after sleeping, it is, of course, a cleanser that erased linens.

30.05.2011, 16:32

The doctor gave me dignoz "microbial eczema under relative remission." I fit with this diagnosis in the army?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    To determine the suitability of the Army recruiting office doctors selection committee. To maintain stable remission stage, you need to visit the doctor, dermatologist at least 2 times a year. If the year the doctor fixes 2.3 even minimal aggravation, it provides a respite from military service to 27 years.

20.05.2011, 22:53

Son 26 years old, single, smoke. For several years he has on his back a huge festering acne. Doctor determined maloseznoz smooth skin, given treatment, which did not help (all performed exactly). Cutting sulfur month and almost all gone. But now began to appear again. Is it safe to drink the sulfur? And what else can you do?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Sulfur is taken in order to remove the toxicity from the body. The treatment requires diet. Limit your carbohydrate intake, irritate the stomach: pepper, coffee, mustard, fried foods. Meals should be regular - at least 4 times a day. Drop the bad habits. Also required to consult a doctor, dermatologist, who may prescribe antibiotics, immune-boosting drugs, local disinfectant solutions and ointments.

18.05.2011, 16:16

I'm allergic to cosmetics. More likely to suffer skin around the eyelids. There are swelling, redness, itching, and peeling. Can I recover from this completely, or will life be afraid to use makeup? I'd like (and 40 years) to have the shadows and look beautiful and well-groomed.

    Physician - Dermatologist

    The composition of cosmetics includes chemicals, dyes, drugs that are absorbed by the skin - stick to it. If the immune system negatively worked for these substances, then stop the process is almost impossible. It's a long time. Consult with doctors who tell us how to remove the time an allergic reaction. Try to avoid those cosmetics that are "not going." Pick cosmetics individually, testing it first on the skin of the forearm. You should not use the chemicals that the body "does not like."

16.05.2011, 12:15

I'm 25 years old. 12 years old I am a fan multifocal plaque scleroderma, standing on the accounting treatment of pass every year. Five years ago I gave birth to her first child. Birth was natural, but heavy. A month after giving birth, I was treated, as was worsening - the active phase, a lot of new lesions. In zvyazi with this I have a question. Now I'm planning a second pregnancy. As I prepare my body? And is there an indication for cesarean section?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Pregnancy, of course, weakens the immune system, women, which may exacerbate the disease process. Natural birth or cesarean section for a specific effect of scleroderma do not have. Before pregnancy is desirable to consult a dermatologist and undergo preventive treatment. During pregnancy should be constantly observed by a dermatologist, and at least 2-3 times to pass laboratory study: biochemical blood tests, common blood. During pregnancy appointed vitamins A, B, scleroderma - an autoimmune process in which the body itself adversely affects its collagen fibers. Process can exacerbate colds, nervous stress and pregnancy. We must spend more time at the dermatologist, keep the disease under surveillance.

13-05-2011, 12:05

I have problem skin of the face. How to cure demodicosis?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    Demodex affects the skin in those people who have impaired barrier function of the skin. This so-called acne rosacea, complicated demodicosis. Need comprehensive treatment. The first thing to treat gastro-intestinal tract. Make fibrogastroduodenoscopy (fibrogastroduodenoscopy), or simply - sensing. During this procedure, pinch off a piece of the stomach and test it for the presence of H. pylori - mikrospopicheskih worms that are eating away at the stomach lining, and even lead to ulcers. Prescribers to the inside, as well as an ointment - outside, that inhibit the development of demodicosis in the glands themselves. Hygiene of the skin. Do not wash your face with soap, and use a variety of lotions. You can also advise to wipe the face with sunflower oil, previously boiled in a water pot for 30 minutes. Oil removes smear layer of sebum, cleans the skin. Then just pat the skin to keep it shining.

11.05.2011, 9:54

On my left cheek face appear small subcutaneous lumps, and then at this point there is roughness. Used many ointments and creams. First - some improvement, and then all over again. Now roughness appeared as nebodshih sites in the area just below the collarbone and near. Turned to dermatologists, used the prescribed ointments, but no relief there. What to do next?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    The body is likely to reduced levels of vitamin A, or it is poorly absorbed from foods. A role in the low level of vitamin A in the body and play worms. Therefore it is necessary to conduct a survey for the presence of worms. Take a course of vitamin A during the month. Good sun exposure. Under the action of sunlight suppresses the growth of streptococci and staphylococci on skin, pustular infection, helps in the elimination of these lesions. Vitamin A increases the barrier function of the skin to microbes. The skin will not be so dry.

10.05.2011, 9:07

A child born with spots periodically climbed language. First, there is a speck of a match head, a week for the entire growing tab, then everything is clean, a couple of months all over again. What could it be? He is now two years old.

    Physician - Dermatologist

    - This is an allergic reaction, geographic tongue - a kind of atopic dermatitis. Since the body reacts to a product. Show yourselves pediatrician and allergist, to determine the cause of disease.

06.05.2011, 10:24

My mother (76 years old) on his feet very thick nails grow long and thicker in height, they can not be cut off with scissors, forceps. I do not know what to do with the problem, where to turn, break the entire Internet. It is said that one can write in kozhvendispansere ointment that will soften your nails down to the peeling. Is that so?

    Physician - Dermatologist

    - It onihogrifoz - nail disease is not always clear causes. Refer to the beautician to mechanically remove the build-up, and then try to apply the ointment. A better take your mom to a dermatologist.



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Trophic ulcers
Calcaneal spurs
Artroses (sharp and chronic stages)

Skin diseases:

Cold laser Vityas helps treat dermatitis and eczema.


Cold laser Vityas helps treat Skin diseases: HERPES OF SKIN AND GENITAL ORGANS.



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Cold laser Vityas helps treat Skin diseases: HERPES OF SKIN AND GENITAL ORGANS.

Cold laser Vityas helps treat Skin diseases: WRINKLES.

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