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Arthritis. Arthritis treatment for Vityas cold laser.


Laser therapy - treatment of quantum cold laser.


What is a quantum laser therapy?


FAQ  quantum laser "vityas"-Cold laser.


What is a quantum laser therapy?

Quantum Laser therapy is a part of physiotherapy. But in neuroscience, it is rarely used. This is partly due to the fact that physical therapists do not know neurology and neurologists are not aware of physiotherapy. Equally important is the fact that in spite of the long-term study of the effect of the quantum of laser radiation on the human body still remain unclear, some mechanisms of action are not developed methods of treatment depending on the stage of disease, a condition of cerebral and central hemodynamic status sympathoadrenal system is not available criteria for assessing therapeutic action of the quantum of laser radiation. In addition, some research results are interpreted in different ways. Lack of material resources does not allow to accelerate and expand the experimental and clinical studies. But despite this, the quantum laser therapy is gradually gaining its position in the practice of medicine. How often was the case in the history of medicine, practice ahead of theory.

For the clinical and experimental data, which were conducted by scientists in the past decade, it was found that the quantum laser therapy has some unique features. It expands and forms a new microvessels and stimulates the oxidation-reduction processes, activates enzymes that alter the membrane potential. When the laser irradiation of blood normalize blood clotting, increases the supply of oxygen to tissues, decreases ischemia in the tissues of the body, reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, inhibited the release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators from mast cells, inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, a normalization of immunity.
When exposed to cold laser on the joints is changing the subchondral bone plate with the recovery of blood circulation in endooste and rebuilding cartilage in fibroznovoloknisty. In periarthritis with calcification of the joint after the quantum laser therapy in 83% of patients cured of calcification. When comparing traditional and laser treatment is that the quantum laser therapy is more effective and 28% cheaper.

Under the influence of the quantum of laser radiation on medication change their physico-chemical properties. For example, treatment of Ringer-Locke light OGL increases the electrical conductivity and pH decreases. Heparin is irradiated with a laser quantum and prolongs clotting time for 4-6 minutes more than the non-irradiated, thus reducing the amount of the drug for 6-15%.
In carrying out quantum lazers therapy postoperative aseptic wounds in neurosurgery, there is a smooth postoperative period: rapid normalization of peripheral blood and body temperature, relief of inflammatory manifestations in the postoperative sutures, postoperative scar becomes more delicate, elastic in nature. Laser therapy with magnetic attachment with cicatricial-adhesive process more efficient than lidazy.

Some scientists of the CIS, in practice, not studying the effect of the quantum of laser radiation on the body, trying to challenge the effectiveness of its use in therapy. This can be attributed to caution some of the leaders of departments and institutions in determining the prospects of quantum laser, poverty, science. Throughout the world, with the help of pharmaceutical companies, medical treatment prevails, and the non-drug therapy - low-energy quantum laser therapy, UV, electrochemical detoxification, acupuncture, manual therapy, herbal medicine, hypnosis is viewed with skepticism, considering these treatments ineffective. What matters is the fact that according to modern Western standards, nor a method of treatment can not be considered without the mandatory due diligence in the course of multicentric, randomized, controlled trials.

This research method is considered the "gold standard" of objectivity (reference method). It includes: multicentric study (carried out independently in several places), randomization (random assignment of patients into groups, the selection of patients is done by a table of random numbers), the presence of the control group, double-blind treatment (the patient and the doctor does not know - or a placebo drug received patient), a blind evaluation of outcomes, complications and side effects, the number of patients involved and departures during the experiment, static analysis and static force study; source of funding for study. For example, to compare the effect of captopril and conventional antihypertensive therapy (diuretics or beta-blockers, a study was conducted in 536 health centers in Sweden and Finland, which involved 10,985 patients from 25 to 66 years with primary hypertension, a study was conducted in During the six years before the end of the study were 99.8% of patients. evaluation criteria was the composite indicator of adverse outcome, death or nonfatal myocardial infarction, stroke, death from cardiovascular disease. In another study, the study of the influence imposed by the human brain embryonic cells in Parkinson's disease, to identify the percent of the placebo effect in the control group, each patient in this group, as in the study group, made in the operating room for six trepanation hole-tures, and watched them for a year without telling them that embryonic stem cells could not be entered. And only in the following end of the study they were told the whole truth. It is worth emphasizing that in this case has complied with all mo-sectoral, ethical and legal standards.

Of course, no one will object to the introduction of such standards and we have, but now it is unreal. These methods require a huge financial cost. It should be noted that these tests are still some shortcomings, and because some of them drop out in the recruitment of patients reaches 90%, which did not accurately reflect actual clinical practice. In addition, randomized controlled trial did not take into account the personality of the patient and doctor, which also affects the outcome of treatment. Summary of results of randomized controlled trials in a meta-analysis (a type of systematic review) is not fully developed and sometimes leads to a paradoxical conclusion. For example, D. I. Gordon (1994) examined the results of 50 randomized controlled trials evaluating the efficacy of cholesterol-lowering program, found in patients after treatment and diet reduce cholesterol by 10% reduction in mortality from coronary heart disease by 9% and an increase in overall mortality by 24%. Overall mortality in the control group (untreated hypo-holesterinosnizhayuschim drug) was lower. It turns out that patients who were not treated and not observing-a diet lived longer. Apparently, now need to seek randomized controlled trials, but not to idealize them (LI Olbinskaya, VL Zakharova, 1999). Practitioners must-HN to remember that clinical trials may not be applicable for a particular patient, because the statistics are often lost meaning.

An important factor for the further development of laser therapy is the presence of adverse effects on the ME-dikamentov sick body. For example, in Britain 3000-4000 deaths per year due to adverse effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. * In the U.S. the use of these drugs each year leads to more than 70,000 hospitalizations and 7,000 deaths. ** And all the United States is losing every year from pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors in average of 125,000 people. British journalist Andrew Chetli in his book "Problem drug" (1998) cites facts that prove that the third non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be withdrawn, as there are insufficient data on their safety, vitamins in most cases only stimulate the growth of the pharmaceutical industry, and drugs advertised to treat symptoms of cough and runny nose in 80% of patients ravaged pockets of patients, as have only a placebo effect. It is now clear that many of the pharmaceutical companies produce and release unnecessary drugs to patients. For example, in pharmacological guide for physicians ("On the main", 1999) describes 3929 drugs, and the report of the WHO Expert Committee (7th report, 1998), "Use of Essential Medicines," recommended an indicative list of essential drugs, consisting of only 316 items. In the near future all over the world the role of "alternative medicine" and especially the rise of physiotherapy. Of course, these methods of treatment should be tested and selected by the methods of evidence-based medicine, and certainly the total Number of units in the CIS countries drastically reduced. But even now in the developed countries, patients resort to alternative medicine. For example, in the UK health system is considered one of the best in the world, about 10% of the residents are not satisfied with the medication, even at a designated international standards for the insurance policy and an annual appeal to healers (A.Vickers, 1999), and 40 % of general practitioners in the country offer their patients use the services of alternative medicine (K.Tomas, M. Fall, et. al., 1995).

In this context, quantum laser therapy as part of physical therapy with many benefits over other methods of treatment, especially the chronically ill, will continue to be used more often. And of course, would be a shame if our scientists will be in the "tail" of science and practitioners will learn the methods of cold laser therapy abroad. Any skepticism should confirm the facts, the author of the book knows no reliable randomized controlled trial, which would have been proved ineffective throughout lazerotera-entropy. At the same time we must remember that the quantum laser therapy is not fully developed, there are "gaps" and the math of quantum laser irradiation doses do not always coincide with clinical effects, such as laser intensity is sometimes equivalent to the intensity of moonlight. Expressed the opinion that it may be field effect or nonspecific adaptive response of the organism. Several authors have examined the placebo effect and concluded that he was, as in other methods of treatment. Light effects on the body is not laser does not give a clinical improvement, as the quantum laser. Many conflicts can be solved by using methods of evidence-based medicine. But these methods require a huge financial cost and in large quantities of material for observation.
During cold laser treatment, doctors are sometimes surprising and positive effect seen in this method, a panacea, but this medicine has been and never will be. On the quantum laser alone, too early to speak, but it can significantly reduce the dose and duration of drug treatment. In order to prevent diseases quantum laser therapy can be successfully applied as a monotherapy, significantly reducing the cost of treatment. For example, in young adults technique is effective for the prevention of stroke.
Quantum Laser therapy has almost no contraindications and can be used in treatment for all neurological diseases.

 For a quantum laser therapy has great future.

1 TRAUMATOLOGY and Quantum therapy laser acupuncture Vityas:


1.1 arthritis,  arthrosis









1.10 CONCUSSIONS, hydradenites





2 SKIN DISEASES and cold laser device Vityas:





Vityaz cald laser in deusch-quantum therapy and laser acupuncture BEST Price and FREE shipping. Vityaz cald laser in deusch.



1.2  Gonitis,  Gonarthrose

1.3  Koxitis,  Koxarthrose

1.4 Arthritis -, Arthrose des proximalen Handgelenkes

1.5  Fingerarthritis, Fingerarthrose

1.6   Fersensporn

1.7 Osteochondrose, Radikulitis

1.8   Neuralgie

1.9 Knochenbruch

1.10 Schweißdrüsenabszeß, Kontusionen

1.11 Îffene Wunden

1.12 Trophisches Geschwür, Dekubitalgeschwür, Wunden  mit der grossen Heilungsdauer

1.13 Duplay Krankheit

1.14 Myositis, Tendovaginitis, Muskel- und Sehnenzerrung


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