Laser Acupuncture and cold laser Vityas.



Vityas Cold laser  

Vityaz cald laser in deusch. Vityaz cald laser in deusch-quantum therapy and laser acupuncture BEST Price and FREE shipping.

Laser Acupuncture information:

A focused laser beam produces a response similar to a needle but is laser Acupuncture with cold laser Vityas


No risk of infection

Safe to do yourself at home

Laser acupuncture mildly activates acupuncture points without needles. With the cold laser Vityas you get all the benefits if acupuncture without the discomfort. Points are located easily with the laser Vityaz using the treatment guide and lights on top to guide you.

 - The place of using
  • Physiotherapeutic cabinets
  • Hospital and sanatorium chambers
  • House conditions
  • Beauty salons

Vityas cold laser -quantum therapy and laser acupuncture