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What is the purpose quantum laser "vityas"?

quantum laser "vityas"

The apparatus of quantum therapy "vityas" is designed for painless treatment at home and clinically wide range of diseases by magnetic laser exposure.

That the apparatus consists of a?
The apparatus of quantum therapy "vityas" - the device that is based on advanced development of modern therapeutic medicine, the impact of simultaneously implementing three types of radiation: laser red light and infrared (heat), and magnetic field. The device is designed as a portable device.

As quantum laser "vityas" acts?
Light laser diodes is selected from the solar spectrum (red and infra-red). The magnetic field produced by the apparatus similarly to the magnetic field of our planet. The level of energy emitted by the device 10 times less than the natural level of solar energy on Earth.

Vityas cold laser -quantum therapy and laser acupuncture

Due to what
Cold laser Vityas cures?
Therapeutic effect is due to dose-chosen types of radiation, which positively affect the body's cells. This excludes other radiation affecting the effectiveness of this intervention. The magnetic field enhances the effect, since it facilitates the absorption of radiation energy.
A few minutes of exposure apparatus normalize metabolic processes in cells and tissues for the next day. Several treatments contribute to convalescence.
Methods of therapeutic effects low intensity laser designed for medical research institutes in Russia, Belarus and other many countries ..

Cold laser Vityas

What sickness cures?
Extensive list of diseases and is given in "Standardized Toolkit for use" accompanying the quantum laser "vityas" in the index as well as on the website: http://www.low-level-laser-therapy-vityas.com. The device is used for injuries, skin diseases, ENT diseases, dentistry, gynecology, proctology, and in therapy.

Vityas cold laser device.

Is it possible to use the device "Vityaz" according to the methods of other devices?
Yes, the list of diseases can be extended from the practice of physicians and practices of similar devices and the Internet (RIKTA, Terraquant).

Best cold laser Vityas quantum therapy. Low prices. Free international shipping

What additional abilities does quantum laser "vityas"?
Treatment device does not cause allergic reactions. The efficiency of use of medicines, reducing the dosage of medicine and the treatment time with them. Allows the procedure to patients with limited motor abilities at home.

Vityas--quantum laser-lllt laser therapy.

Is it difficult to use
Cold laser Vityas?
For each disease, in "Methodological guidance on the application of" an algorithm for mode selection and the impact of exposure time, depending on the patient's age and disease.

How to manage a quantum laser "vityas"? (To include, select the mode to work, turn off)
Control apparatus vityas simply:
- Turn on the power adapter plug into wall outlet
- Before entering the operating mode the device within 5 seconds of conducting self-monitoring regime, which ensures that both lasers are intact;
- Buttons << and >> choose medical treatment;
- Set the emitter over the place of treatment, and press the START button to begin treatment in the automatic mode;
- After a session of the impact unplug from the mains.

Has the cold laser "vityas" clinical medical trials?
Serial production system and for certification testing was preceded by technical, sanitary and medical facilities to Clinical Health Ministry of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine


The device is certified?
At the quantum laser "vityas" certificates of conformity of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The production apparatus of quantum therapy "Hero" has been successfully audited according to ISO 13485 and got CE certificate for the production apparatus.

What do the Nozzles?

Bits are the fibers of the polymer for the delivery of laser radiation to the patient areas of the body through natural orifices. There is a cap and gynecological diseases proctological, one for dental and ENT diseases, and the third for reflexology. Replacement nozzles and in turn are mounted on the radiator apparatus using a special plastic sleeve.

Nozzles are also certified in the Ministry of Health.

Are there any contraindications to the use of quantum laser "vityas"?
Yes, in the application of the device there are contraindications to minimize the maximum possible damage to the body. This is indicated in the methodological guide in the "Contra":
Convulsive status;
Disease and mental illness against the background of emotional excitement;
Fevers of unknown etiology;
Renal, hepatic failure, circulatory failure, respiratory failure;
Severe endocrine diseases, such as insulin-dependent diabetes, and others;
Severe blood diseases;
Kidney stones and gall-stone disease (treated under medical supervision)
In the presence of these diseases and conditions physiotherapy procedures are contraindicated. This requirement also applies to quantum therapy as part of physiotherapy.
These contraindications for use of the quantum (laser) funds are relative, because for each of these states, there are medical techniques LHE laser irradiation.
If in doubt, always consult your doctor.
Can a quantum laser "vityas" harmful effects of an overdose?
Overdose effects, as noted by physicians, reduces the effectiveness of therapeutic effect due to exhaustion of cells and tissues. But the damage may not apply, since the levels of exposure correspond to the natural levels of sunlight on Earth.

Can cold laser "vityas" to treat children?
Yes, the device is also intended for the treatment of children. The guidance provided on the application of therapeutic regimes for the age of 5 years for all diseases.

Quantum laser "vityas" has advantages over other similar devices?
Yes. Existing devices intended for medical institutions, have complex modes of action. They have high levels of laser radiation, which classifies them according to the laser hazard class 3. The use of such vehicles is allowed only in special rooms of health facilities under the supervision of a specialist. Quantum laser "vityas" safe for laser hazard class and has 1. Use them do not require special skills. In our device the number of modes is minimized, but at the same dose of exposure correspond to similar devices medical institutions. The phone at the same time act three radiation: laser red light, infrared (heat) and magnetic field. Selecting and running regimen, the consumer can only move the radiator at the points specified in the manual. The machine will automatically count down the time of exposure to the point, turn off the light and will signal the transition to the next point. Then turn yourself again, providing the entire treatment session.

What are the benefits of
Cold laser Vityas to other devices?
There are many other quantum (laser) devices, in which the laser radiation frequency is regulated by the inclusion of a laser diode, which requires a set of various frequencies including lasers. Working with such devices is complicated, as treatment regimes are chosen physician lazeroterapevtom, after preliminary calculations of the energy for healing.
There are devices for which the mode frequencies are listed in the methods and calculations are not required, but they are inconvenient to those that require multiple modes of migration effects in a single treatment session. This leads to an increase in the time of the treatments and the need to constantly check whether the selected modes.
Most of these devices have a class of laser hazards, allowing their use only in specially equipped medical offices. The energy of the radiation is comparable with the energy of quantum laser "vityas", having a class I (not dangerous) laser radiation.

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Vityas cold laser-quantum therapy and laser acupuncture

Vityas cold laser - quantum therapy and laser acupuncture. BEST Price and FREE shipping.