Why do you need to go for Low level laser therapy?

Why do you need to go for Low level laser therapy?

Cold Laser Vityas - An Overview of Different Cold Laser Classes
Cold Laser Vityas - An Overview of Different Cold Laser Classes

Why do you need to go for Low level laser therapy?


Low level laser therapy is an ideal treatment for reducing pain in three to five minutes. It is very easy and simple procedure that offers ultimate reliefs form the pain. This method can be performed with one or two times daily. The duration of the procedure is very simple and consists of five to ten minutes. It is a medical treatment that is designed for home and professional use. It can be availed without any medical assistance. With the help of the expert therapist or professional it can be done in hospital or clinic.

Advantages of LLLT

Advantages of this therapy are several.

·         By increasing the speed, strength and quality of cell tissue repair it increases the blood supply to the affected area.

·         By stimulating the immune system it enhances the nerve functions.

·         By developing muscle tissue and collagen it helps in generating in healthy tissues and cells in the body

·         By promoting quick clot formation and wound healing.

 Rapid Pain Reduction

It gives pain relief more actively. LLLT plays an important role in the vitality of the body. It goes far beyond blood clotting. It saves the body from excessive bleeding.

1.       It contains unique and patent gear

2.       It provides bone strength, mineral density and cardiovascular health

3.       It regulates the blood stream

4.       It makes possible the true repair of the cells in the body

5.       It is one of the efficient treatments that must be included in your daily routine to reduce inflammation and pain

6.       It is an efficient product that enhances the strength of the tissues

7.       It is good for ladies who have bone and joint issues

8.       It strengthens the bones and enhances the functionality of the body

9.       It improves the flexibility of tissues to the required part of the body.

Clinical Effects

·         Treatment of a cellulitis and its Prophylaxis

·         The expressed therapeutic effect in the field of the joints having a plenty of a quaggy connecting tissue

·         Antihydropic effect

·         Improvement of microcirculation

·         Local anesthesia

·         Intensifying of penetration of laser radiation in a tissue

·         Intensifying of neogenesis  skin and  epithelium

·         Activization of microcirculation

·         Influence on the receptors located in a skin, with rising a threshold of painful sensations

·         Heating of fabric structures of superficial layers

·         Depression of a level oxidations of lipids

·         Body height of synthesis of Prostaglandinums and its normalization

·         Potent antioxidatic effect

·         Normalization of specific and nonspecific factors of immunity

·         Depression of a level of a cholesterin

·         Anesthetizing action

·         Antihydropic action

·         Anti-inflammatory action

·         Intensifying of synthesis of a collagen

·         Angenesis

·         Improvement of microcirculation, structure and functions of a blood

·         Rising of development ATF

·         Augmentation of activation of enzymes and development

·         Activization of synthesis of fiber (DNA)

·         Antihydropic effect

·         Improvement of a trophicity of tissues

·         Improvement of power cellular potential

·         Anesthesia


Designed Home and professional Use

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Why do you need to go for Low level laser therapy?

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Cold Laser Vityas - An Overview of Different Cold Laser Classes

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