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DR. Endy Portman MD

Tendopains. A patient suffering from severe pains in dorsal part of foot. The affected area was swollen and very sensitive. The case was diagnosed as Tendopain.

Following 2 treatments with the laser device Vityas (TerraQuant, RIKTA, MILTA), the area was less swollen, and following an additional 7 treatments, complete healing was noted, with completely free movement of the foot

Andy S. Gortnev

With my extensive experience working with chronic and acute injuries Vityas Laser (TerraQuant, RIKTA, MILTA) is the most advanced and effective modality which I use for many world class athletes as well as lay people.

Dr. Bred Lohnson

Soft tissue injuries & musculoskeletal inflammation. Pain management needs addressing from several ways - often more than tablets is required. I have used the RIKTA (TerraQuant, MILTA, Vityas) device to successfully treat soft tissue injuries and other musculo-skeletal inflammatory disorders e.g. tennis elbow. It combines the power of three modalities to treat the conditions and yet at the same time its use remains easy enough for patients to use with excellent instructions. The TerraQuant is ideal unit to use in a General Practice setting, training requirements being kept to a minimum and yet the unit appears very safe to use.

A.D. Dr. Greg Fertman

Fractures. 25-year-old male who sustained a mid-shaft fracture of the humerus on 20th July in Darwin while pitching a baseball. He was treated conservatively in Darwin. After 6 weeks he came to Melbourne and complained of pain around the upper arm and in the cubital fossa area.

After investigating him for osteoporosis (neg.) he was started on low-level laser therapy by Vityas Device (TerraQuant, MILTA, RIKTA ) and given exercises to increase strength around the elbow and shoulder.

He showed good recovery after 14 days' treatment as regards, pain but returned 1 week later, requesting further treatment from which he derived significant improvement.

Introducing Quantum Medicine

by Albert GRABOVSHCHINER, General Direcior, R&D Cenier for Humanitarian Information Technologies, Moscow

"What the Russians have achieved in quantum medicine is simply stunning. Achievements of this kind could do credit to any country, and I take off my hat to them." These words of praise concerning the achievements of our scientists, doctors and engineers came from a French expert in this field, Daniel Bobin, M.D. But before we delve into this fascinating area of modern medical research—a few words by way of general introduction.

The program of formation of a human being starts with the blending together of Ewo tiny reproductive cells. But what about that hidden "database" which determines what kind of a human being will emerge from this fertilization and what physical and intellectual properties this individual will possess? Experts have calculated that, assuming a sex celi to be one millimeter in size, the hereditary data contained therein, drawn out into a column- will measure close to seven times the distance from the Earth to the Sun. One very obvious and important conclusion which follows is that the "program of development" of each of us cannot be contained within one single cell.

Another important point to bear in mind, apart from the vast volume of data required for the development of a living being, is a very high degree of "reliability" of this data storage and transmission. The toss, or distortion, of just one bit of the genetic code can disable, or even kill the host. For example, disturbances in the genetically determined program of cell regeneration in the body can lead to the development of malignant neoplasms.
Studies conducted in various countries over the past few years have proved that the hereditary information is stored not in the form of genetic material, but as a quantum structure. And what is more, the latter, as the carrier of the genetic code, is organized in the form of a hologram each part of which contains information about the whole.

As we know from quantum physics, a hologram is produced and maintained by laser emission. And what can be the source of this emission in a cell? As has been demonstrated by Russian scientists including Dr. A. Gurvich (1874-1954), Member of the Russian Medical Academy A. Lyubishchev, Dr.V. Bek-lemishev (1890-1962) and Dr. P. Garyaev (Phys.&Math.), laser emission in the body is generated by DNA molecules. Apart from storing the genetic code, a cell can also process, transmit and restore any lost information and implement a program of development contained (herein, maintaining a strict sequence of energy-and-data transformations in time and space. As recognized by many specialists now, to accomplish this emission cells make use of microwave emissions in the millimeter and centimeter bands and also of light, laser and acoustic fields.

The remarkable ability of living cells to posses and store information on what a healthy human organism should be like can be illustrated by an experiment conducted a few years ago by British and then American natural scientists. They cut off a segment of a healthy and normal leaf of a green plant. The sample was then photographed using high-performance equipment which was sensitive to microwave, laser, acoustic and other electromagnetic fields. To the scientists' surprise they saw on their synthesized photograph the image of a whole leaf. It turned out that the remaining living cells "remember" (in the form of a structured electromagnetic field) a quantum image, that is what the whole organism should be like according to the "original design".
Another example is offered by what we call phantom pains - when a person who had lost part of his hand or leg begins to "feel" them again. This means that the genes of the remaining living cells not only "remember" the lost extremity, but that its quantum image can recieve information and respond to stimuli.

In a word, our organism is constantly renovating itself with an uninterrupted transmission of the functioning programs from the old cells to the young. And depending on the integrity of the storage, transmission, processing and realization of this data, each body ceil, and the body as a whole, can perform in a steady and stable mariner which is the measure of its overall health.

The idea of a quantum nature of living matter was originally suggested by a German physicist Dr. E. Shrodinger back in 1943. But it took more than 45 years for the medical science to support and substantiate this idea. Radiation therapies, we know, have long been used for certain ailments. People with tuberculosis, for example, were recommended to move to regions with lots of sunshine; people with nose and throat complaints were treated with "blue lamps" (ultraviolet radiation), and magnets were applied to speed up the healing of wounds, bruises and edemas.

In the late 1960s eye surgeons in Russia started using laser scalpels which help minimize blood losses in surgeries of this kind and expedite the healing of wounds. After a series of observations in the 1970s researchers came up with an idea of using low-energy lasers for other medical applications. At about that time Academician N. Devyatkov laid me foundation of what was called microwave therapy. However, in those years all known kinds of radiation were used separately and it was only in the early 1980s that Prof. (now Member of the Medical Academy) A. Polonsky formulated a theoretical basis for their combined application.

AH these studies and ideas had finally crystallized in what we now call quantum (radiation, or "wave") medicine. It rests upon a synthesis of the achievements of quantum physics and present-day knowledge about the nature of living beings, and also on centuries of experience in what is commonly known as oriental medicine. Experts working in this field apply small dozes (close to natural levels) of electromagnetic radiation (quanta) for diagnostics, treatment, disease prevention and rehabilitation of patients. Treatment of this kind is having a beneficial effect on the vital processes in the body. An anomaly (medical disorder) is gradually transformed into a stable and geneti-cally preset stable condition— a healthy state. This happens because a "stream" of quanta triggers in the body some latent adaptative potential both at the cell level and within the biological system as a whole. Immunity is boosted dramatically, offering active resistance to all sorts of deviations and malfunctions.

The thing is that biological processes occurring in a living organism are authentically mirrored in the structure of what we call electromagnetic data field which exists within, on the surface and also around an individual, m this kind of therapy the patient is influenced at what we call the information level which does not require any high energies, Therein lies the phenomenon of new dierapeutic possibilities, and that is why it is not always easy to explain the results achieved. At this point one thinks of a parallel with homeo-pathic therapies when recovery comes even using a very high level of dilution of a medical preparation - so much so that even trace amounts of the substance at the molecular level are not detectable. In a similar way the quantum energy of microwave radiation amounts to not more than 1-3 eV, which is quite enough to cause an appreciable therapeutic effect.

As has been mentioned before, quantum medicine is progressing along four lines of development. The first one -  diagnostics -rests on the fact that energy data of an individual authentically describe the status of the human body as a whole and also of its individual organs, systems and their interconnections. By measuring electric parameters at certain points or spots on the body of a patient, which correspond [o specific body organs, one can detect with a high degree of accuracy an ailment at a very early stage of this disorder and also determine what we call a person's general sue-ceptibility to ailments of different kinds.
In therapeutic procedures use is made of low-energy and "safe" electromagnetic emissions. Years of practical experience have identified as the most effective magnetic fields, laser, infrared and microwave emissions and also red light. Having said that, let us try to consider each of these methods separately.

A magnetic field builds up energetic body defenses against harmful factors of the environment, including what we call meteofactors and electromagnetic fields. It also helps contain ionized tissue molecules in a dissociated condition which boosts their energy potential at the molecular and cellular level. This method is used for anesthesia, for improving tissue trophism and for dealing with edemas and similar conditions.

Pulsed laser emission penetrates deep (to 10-13 cm) into body tissues, stimulating blood circulation, cell membrane metabolism and activates neurohu-mora! regulation, immune-competent systems and harmonizes hormonal metabolism. The method improves the rnicrocircula-tion, composition and functions of blood; promotes tissue regeneration; intensifies me synthesis of collagen and protein (RNA, DNA), boosts the production of ATP, sends up the level of enzymes and their activity; produces a pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effect; reduces the level of cholesterol; boosts specific and non-specific immunity; produces a strong anti-oxidant effect and reduces the level of lipid peroxidation.
Pulsed non-coherent infrared radiaton penetrating into body tissues influences the Zakharyin-Head's zones, produces a power-fill and harmonious effect upon me tonus of the vegetative and central nervous sytems. The therapy causes a moderate wanning of surface body tissues, promotes sitin regeneration and microcirculation of blood, heightens the barrier of pain sensation and helps prevent and cure ailments in subcutaneous fat.
Pulsed red light, penetrating to a very small depth, helps suppress inflammations, especially in areas of friable connective tissue. It also helps cure edemas and cellulitis, promotes blood microcirculation and can be used as local anaesthetic.

The first therapeutic device using a combined effect of different kinds of radiation was developed in this country in 1988-89 at the Moscow Institute of Power Engineering and its R&D center. It brought to fruition the dedicated efforts of a team of enthusiasts. The year 1991 saw the advent of a modem version of what we call the magnetic-infrared-laser therapeutic apparatus (MILTA). It was designed and built at the R&D Center for Humanitarian Information Technologies. The device has the following technical parameters: laser emission at 890 nm; the band of light-diode emission of 890-950 nm, red light emission at 650-690 nm, constant magnetic fields induction - 40-60 mTI; input current tension 220 (110) V at 50 (60) cycles; dimensions -  60x165x90 mm; weight of not more than 2.1 kg.

The device has been developed with an active collaboration of scientists and doctors from Russia's leading centers of medical research. It has been tested and approved at the Sklifosovsky First Aid Center in Moscow, the Mandryko Central Military Hospital, the Medical Academy of the Russian Federation and its Center for Oncological Research.
The device makes it possible to use all the aforesaid kinds of radiation in combination which helps achieve a cumulative effect in both treatment and disease prevention.

Ii uhould be pointed out that energy quanta within the working range 1.10 n',t "xceed 1.5 eV which is not enough to upsetting any natural body processes or break internal polymer links. This rules out the risks of complications or side-effects and ensures absolute laser "safety". The amounts of energy delivered to body tissues and its distribution depends on the frequency range (5, 50, 1.000 or 5,000 cycles per sec.).

The lowest energy scatter in surface skin layers occurs at 5 cps which provides for maximum radiation penetration within the given parameters. On the other hand frequencies of 5,000 cps produce the greatest scatter because of the ionization of surface tissue molecules and reduced penetration depth with the preservation of coherence and unidirectional polarization. As a result such lower frequencies promote reparative, regenerative, hypocholesterinemic and anti-inflammatory effects while higher frequencies possess chiefly anaesthetic, bactericidal and spasmoiythic effects.

A total of some 20 different devices operating on the aforesaid principle have been developed to date. The list includes:

MILTA-01 - the "basic" mode! for use in cardiology, stomatology, urology, gynecology, neurology, surgery, cosmetology, dermatology and also for gastro-digestional, vascular, otolaryn-gological and broncheal disorders.

MILTA-KVCH is a device for preventive treatment of afflicted organs with laser emission and of healthy biologically active points with microwave radiation. The range of its uses is steadily broadening, also including oncological cases, Base-dow's disease, loss of hair, myopia and Parkinson's disease. The length of treatment is appreciably reduced.

PAKT-02 preventive treatment device makes use of several kinds of low-energy radiation: non-coherent infrared, microwave (very high frequency 50-60 cycles) and red light in the visible range. The device is very effective for painless and drug-free therapies in oncology, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroente-rology, endocrinology and in the treatment of conditions like systemic lupus erythematosus.

Also worth mentioning in this list is the MILTERRA exotic hair combing device. It helps cure skin on the head of patients loosing their hair and/or having dandruffs and also for revitalizing brittle and "lifeless" hair.
A survey of applications of quantum therapy methods has revealed some truly impressive results. The efficiency of such treatment methods is in the range of 90 (dermatology) to 99 percent (gastroenterology, pulmonology). The use of medicinal preparations is reduced by 2 to 3 times and for some ailments (prostatitis, radiculitis, osteo-chondrosis) the cure is attained without any medicinal preparations.

One of the most complex and truly unique devices in this range is the MILTA-1F curative and diagnostic set. It helps assess the general condition of a patient and of each body system in particular, taking into account the interconnections of body organs and tissues and external factors; it helps obtain an objective diagnosis of a person's health, helps determine the degree of an affliction (even in the absence of a patient's complaints, or clinical symptoms). Using it a doctor can prescribe and conduct "customized" therapy involving MIL, homeopathy and treatment with honey and the like natural products and phytotherapy, accompanied by on-the-spot control at all stages of the procedure.
The aforesaid quantum methods, which are already being applied for a range of more than 200 ailments, often help do without surgery in cases of urolithic and cholelithic disorders, stomach ulcers, adenoma of the prostate, trophic ulcers, etc. Current investigations indicate that quantum therapies are likely to be used in the near future for the treatment and prevention of AIDS, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia and diabetes. Experts working in the Field are of the opinion that a course of rehabilitative quantum therapy, repeated 2-3 times a year, can help increase one's average life-span by 7 to 12 years.

The list of the now available MILTA (analog Vityas) devices is unparalleled anywhere in the world. They are already sold Co 23 countries and the users include 7,500 medical centers in Russia itself. More than 6,000 families are now using these devices at home under medical supervision. Such therapies and devices have received five patents in Russia.

And although the cherished goal of finding some universal cure still belongs in the realm of fiction, scientific analysis and considerable practical experience point to quantum medicine as a very tangible ray of hope for many patients already today as well as in the future.


1 TRAUMATOLOGY and Quantum therapy laser acupuncture Vityas:


1.1 arthritis,  arthrosis









1.10 CONCUSSIONS, hydradenites





2 SKIN DISEASES and cold laser device Vityas:





Vityaz cald laser in deusch-quantum therapy and laser acupuncture BEST Price and FREE shipping. Vityaz cald laser in deusch.



1.2  Gonitis,  Gonarthrose

1.3  Koxitis,  Koxarthrose

1.4 Arthritis -, Arthrose des proximalen Handgelenkes

1.5  Fingerarthritis, Fingerarthrose

1.6   Fersensporn

1.7 Osteochondrose, Radikulitis

1.8   Neuralgie

1.9 Knochenbruch

1.10 Schweißdrüsenabszeß, Kontusionen

1.11 Îffene Wunden

1.12 Trophisches Geschwür, Dekubitalgeschwür, Wunden  mit der grossen Heilungsdauer

1.13 Duplay Krankheit

1.14 Myositis, Tendovaginitis, Muskel- und Sehnenzerrung


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