Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture in Performing Therapies

Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture in Performing Therapies

Cold Laser Vityas - Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture in Performing Therapies
Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture in Performing Therapies

 Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture in Performing Therapies

The use of the laser for treatment has been there for more than three decades now. There are different types of laser which are in use currently for different illnesses. For example; acupuncture laser is used to manage pain in joints, nausea, and headache among other diseases. Treatment conducted using laser acupuncture requires that the low-intensity laser beam is pointed at the affected area for approximately one minute. The laser acupuncture therapy stimulates the biological changes which rejuvenate the cells, relieves pain and improves the performance of the patient. Any particular treatment is dependent on either the level of pain or the layers of tissues exposed to the beam i.e the deeper the layers the more the beam required to penetrate through.

 Many people have switched from their traditional therapies to use of acupuncture which seems to have more benefits. In the modern world, the use of metal needle has been replaced by the use of acupuncture laser because it is easy to use, no perforating of the skin and so far no side effects have been reported. Studies show that laser acupuncture is very useful in treating myofascial pain that affects the neck, spine, shoulder and other trigger points. In addition, laser acupuncture is used to treat arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Some other conditions such as depression and addiction are also addressed using laser acupuncture therapy.

There is good news for those patients who fear needles during treatment; the acupuncture laser is painless and it reduces nervousness for the patients who even faint or vomits when they see a needle piercing their skin. The process reduces bleeding and eliminates pain because it is an anesthetic practice performed on acupunctured points. Therefore, the use of acupuncture laser is preferred to the traditional method of using a needle. However, it is not applicable in many countries due to the cost of equipment among other factors.

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The use of acupuncture has also been approved in providing therapies to animals. When animals fall sick and they require treatment, some of them suffer a lot of pain and it becomes hard to administer injection for the same. For instance, you would like to treat your pet with a lot of care and less pain, thus acupuncture laser provides such an opportunity. The pet will not suffer skin breakages, there is reduced trauma and the process is simple compared to traditional veterinary treatment services. However, there are only a few places where this is practiced due to different considerations. This is the high time for veterinary to adapt this method of treating animals because it is harmless and very effective.

Another benefit of Acupuncture is that it may be used alone or with the help of other laser therapy. The acupuncture process utilizes three major intensities i.e. physical, mental and emotional for it to work effectively in the entire body. The healing process is made faster, easier and painless with acupuncture therapies. The process may require training for complicated cases but with simple cases any person can perform acupuncture therapy with simple instructions.

It is clear that acupuncture laser uses similar principle to that of traditional acupuncture though it does not require a needle for injection. The process is non-invasion, painless, aseptic and so far there are no reported side effects. The laser acupuncture has also been approved for both animal and person treatment with reduced anxiety and more recovery cases reported. In addition, it is appropriate for both young and old from all races. Therefore, acupuncture laser has become one of the most useful technologies while performing therapies on different points of the body.


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Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture in Performing Therapies


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