Obliterating endarteritis.


Obliterating endarteritis. Symptoms and treatment Obliterating endarteritis

Obliterating endarteritis  


If a man is young or middle-aged walking down the street and stops frequently, as if waiting out until the pain will pass, you can almost say-it unmistakably sick obliterating endarteritis. The fact that the leading symptom is the so-called intermittent claudication: due to the strong compressive pain in the calf muscle a person has while walking to stop frequently. After a short rest, the pain goes away. It occurs due to insufficient blood flow and hence oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the foot. Occlusive disease - a disease affecting usually artery legs and usually develops in people younger (35-40 years), predominantly in men.

Most scientists now adhere to the autoimmune theory of obliterating endarteritis. It is based on the assertion that the defeat of the arteries in this disease is an inflammatory character. Due to inflammation of the inner layer of the artery wall - endothelium-thickens and then can occur obliteration (imperforate) vessel.

Degenerative and inflammatory processes develop in the perivascular adipose tissue, making it compresses the sealed vessel and the outside, which gives more flow in it.

Occlusive disease may develop acute, but often the disease progresses slowly. Periods "exacerbation followed by periods of remission.

In the initial stage of the disease organic changes in the vascular wall yet, and only observed in the form of functional disorders vasospasm. Patients complain of heaviness in the legs, numbness and pins and needles in the fingers and feet, a periodic cooling of the feet, sweating; the skin on the legs fades, it becomes dry. Leg muscles from time to time constrains convulsive pain, resulting in intermittent claudication.

As the progression of endarteritis trophic (feeding) of all tissues feet deteriorating and, if not promptly begin treatment on the foot or lower leg can develop ulcers and even develop a serious complication, as gangrene of the fingers and feet.

That is why it is so important in time to see a doctor to determine the true cause of the initial manifestations of the disease.


An accurate diagnosis your doctor help modern instrumental methods of diagnostics, which allow us to determine the degree and vascular lesions. Among the most common now sphygmography volume, rheovasography, studies using ultrasound (Doppler). These methods are quite simple, informative, non-traumatic and can be used not only in hospitals but also in the outpatient setting. As for rentgenokrntrastnoy angiography, it is made in the hospital.

If the diagnosis is confirmed obliterating endarteritis, you need years and, moreover, systematically and meticulously carry out all prescription, to prevent the development of serious complications. On punctuality and discipline of the patient depends largely on the outcome of treatment.

It is necessary to visit a doctor at least once in 2-4 months. There are some methods of self-control, which, of course, does not exclude the need to be in the clinic.

Determine the degree of impaired circulation in the arteries by using the heart rate at certain points on the foot (see. Figure). Technology heart rate trained physicians.


In addition, the patient should be aware that if the distance that it travels without causing leg pain increases, and the time after which it passes, shortened - so his condition is improving, and vice versa.

With regard to supply patients endarteritis, no special diet they do not need. But we should not overeat, eat liberally before bedtime, so as not to accumulate extra pounds: it is a heavy burden for the patients feet.

Those who are overweight, it is necessary to reduce caloric intake, to exclude from it all sweet, flour and try to lose weight. It is recommended to exclude the sharp, salty dishes, pickles, smoked meats.

Require daily walking. Should walk before the pain in the affected leg, then it is necessary to stand up to the complete disappearance of pain and only after that you can continue to walk. Total recommended to walk for about an hour a day.

It is useful to do morning exercises and perform special exercises for the muscles of the legs: flexion, breeding hand movements that mimic cycling.

Very useful and ride a bicycle, swim, but the water temperature should not be below 22-24 °. In short, a feasible exercise, physical activity really need such a patient, as contribute to the normalization of peripheral blood circulation, improve the functional state of the cardiovascular system, nutrition of tissues, supply them with oxygen.

And finally, the last piece of advice, which is of significance should be placed in the first place. Endarteritis patient must be permanently give up smoking and drinking, as both nicotine and alcohol lead to vasospasm. In addition, the substances contained in tobacco smoke, violate the nutrition of tissues and exacerbate the pathological changes in the vessel walls. That is why endarteritis usually develops in smokers.

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Obliterating endarteritis

Obliterating endarteritis


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Obliterating endarteritis disease - Vityas cold laser help!

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