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Cold laser Vityas device

Benefits of VITYAS Portable Quantum Therapy Cold Laser

Medical uses of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)


Why Choose Chiropractic Laser Treatment

Why do you need to go for Low level laser therapy?

Cold Laser Vityas - An Overview of Different Cold Laser Classes

Cold Laser Therapy - Chiropractic Treatment for Inflammation and Joint Pain

Cold Laser Therapy over Knee Surgery - Best Option for Knee Injuries of Athletes

Laser treatment for arthritis

Cold Laser Therapy - Non-Surgical Treatment for Knee Pain Relief

Quantum Therapy Opens a New Opportunity

Some important info of Laser Therapy and it benefit?

Best cold laser for home use


Medical laser

Laser Cosmetics

1 TRAUMATOLOGY and Quantum therapy Low level laser therapy device Vityas Cold laser:

1.1 arthritis, arthrosis

Video: ARTHRITIS, ARTHROSIS and Cold Laser Vityas


Video: ARTHRITIS, GONARTHROSIS and Cold Laser Vityas


Video: ARTHRITIS and Hip Joint ARTHROSIS - Cold Laser Vityas (Quantum therapy)


Video: Pain in the wrist joint




Video 1.6 Calcaneal SPUR - Cold Laser Vityas - TRAUMATOLOGY


Video 1.7 Osteochondrosis of Back BONE, Radiculitis - Cold Laser Vityas



Video: 1.8 How to treat NEURODYNIA – Cold Laser Vityas – TRAUMATOLOGY


Video: 1.9 Cold laser Vityas treat Bone FRACTURES

1.10 CONCUSSIONS, hydradenites

Video: 1.10 Cold laser Vityas treat CONCUSSIONS and HYDRADENITES


In video: How to treat open wounds using Cold Laser Vityas device.


Video about how to treat TROPHIC ULCER, LONG OPEN WOUNDS, DECUBITUS using cold laser vityas





and cold laser Vityas:

2.1 Eczema - Dermatitis


2.3 Herpes



3 ENT (ear, nose, throat) diseases

3.1 Acute and chronic tonsillitis

3.2 Acute, chronic and hypertrophic rhinitis

3.3 Sinusitis


3.4 Otitis



4.1 Pulpit: Chronic pulpitis.

4.2 Alveolysis disease, gingivitis and periodontitis



5.1 Cervical erosion

5.2 Disruption and hydrops of mamilla


6.1 Bronchitis. Pneumonia

6.2 Bronchial asthma

6.3 Peptic ulcer

6.4 Duodenal ulcer

6.5 Biliary dyskinesia

6.6 Chronic pancreatitis

6.7 Obliterating endarteritis

6.8 Phlebeurysm - varicose veins

Vityaz cald laser in deusch-quantum therapy and laser acupuncture BEST Price and FREE shipping. Vityaz cald laser in deusch

Kalt-Laser-Therapie - Chiropraktik Behandlung von Entzündungen und Gelenkschmerzen


Kalt-Laser-Therapie uber Knie-Chirurgie - beste Option fur Knieverletzungen von Athleten


Laser-Behandlung - Gemeinsame Mythen mit Bezug zur Akne-Laser-Behandlung

Kalte Laser - eine Alternative und effektive Weise für verschiedene medizinische Behandlungen

Kalt-Laser-Therapie für Arthritis


Laser Behandlung von Arthritis


Kalten Laser Therapie - nicht-chirurgische Behandlung für Knieschmerzlinderung


Laser Behandlung von Arthritis


Quantum Therapy Öffnet eine neue Chance


Die Bedingungen von Low Level Laser behandelt

Einige wichtige Informationen von Lasertherapie und davon profitieren?

Kalt-Laser für Chiropraktik

Was ist Reflexzonenmassage?

Kalt-Laser Vityas: Wie zu behandeln

Wie funktioniert LLLT Arbeit

Beste Kaltlaser für den Heimgebrauch


1.2 Gonitis, Gonarthrose

1.3 Koxitis, Koxarthrose

1.4 Arthritis -, Arthrose des proximalen Handgelenkes

1.5 Fingerarthritis, Fingerarthrose

1.6 Fersensporn

1.7 Osteochondrose, Radikulitis

1.8 Neuralgie

1.9 Knochenbruch

1.10 Schweißdrüsenabszeß, Kontusionen

1.11 Îffene Wunden

1.12 Trophisches Geschwür, Dekubitalgeschwür, Wunden mit der grossen Heilungsdauer

1.13 Duplay Krankheit

1.14 Myositis, Tendovaginitis, Muskel- und Sehnenzerrung

2.4 Falten


3.3 Sinusitis


3.4 Mittelohrentzündung - Otitis

6.1 Bronchitis. Lungenentzündung

6.2 Bronchialasthma

6.3 Magengeschwür

6.4 Zwölffingerdarmgeschwür

6.5 Gallenwege Dyskinesie - Biliärer Dyskinesie

6.6 Chronische Pankreatitis

6.7 Verschlusskrankheit

6.8 Krampfadern - Varikosität

Medizinische Laser.



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Cold Lasers for Home Use

People are found to be crushed  with the issues of specifications and the conflicting claims when comes the questions of purchasing a Cold Lasers for Home Use. There are lots of products in the market that are running parallel offering equal features and benefits. The companies that sell products at higher cost than the others, charge more cost only for advertising.

It is our job  to help any person with our valuable suggestions so that they are not misguided by the other products. Every laser system has its merits and demerits. As we deal with almost every product, it is very important that you should contact us for help when at the crossroad of buying the cold laser for Home Use.

There are lasers for doctor’s use, or for the use of veterinary or pets. Use of home laser is very convenient that saves time and money for every member of the family. There is no limitation to use it. Whenever you want, wherever you are, how long you want to use it,  you can use them as frequently as you want.

The cold lasers can be used to care for the set off points and the points of acupuncture with great results. It requires no needles, no medications. The therapy produces  no pain, it is non-invasive and pain free.

The Cold laser for Home Use is sold mainly for 3 reasons:

To reduce inflammation

To control pain

To increase flow of blood  

 Whenever you decide to buy the laser manufactured by our company, you will certainly be able to save a considerable amount of  money. Our our laser brand  "Vityas" with exactly the same features "  as TerraQuant LS50 Class 1m  costs only $92. But you have to pay costs $5995 for Terra Quant. Is it not a big difference?  Our laser is lesser in , but bigger in performance.


 In case of cold laser for home, you will get, what you pay. Some of your acute or chronic injuries need extended time of care. You can buy our less expensive laser and began therapy every day or night sitting in front of the Television watching entertainment program.

 The safety issue is very important. The grade of the laser depends how safety the device is. The damages that are very important to notice are if the laser heat the tissues or damage eyes. If you are really a choosy but not a prodigal, you should know how to use money,  and how to save money whenever buy anything. You will able to keep your extra money with you. Search for Vityas  Cold laser for Home Use with similar features as TerraQuant LS50 Class 1m but in reasonable price.

Cold Laser Vityas — Basic Kit           Cold laser Vityas — Kit VIP            Cold Laser Vityas — Portable        Buy Magnetic Pulser AMT-01


Cold laser Vityas CERTIFICATES

Cold laser Vityas CERTIFICATESCold laser Vityas CERTIFICATESCold laser Vityas CERTIFICATES
Cold laser Vityas CERTIFICATESCold laser Vityas CERTIFICATESCold laser Vityas CERTIFICATES

Quantum therapy device Vityas Cold laser - lllt is, as a matter of fact, a domestic doctor which assists to an organism to be restored in it's primordial state. It is not an same of medicine or physiotherapy which helps to remove an attack of illness.


Low level laser therapy Vityas cold laser (quantum therapy) is a unique device permitting to eliminate not only displays of illness, but its initial reason.

Low level laser therapy Vityas - quantum therapy, lllt and cold laser.Low level laser therapy Vityas cold laser (quantum therapy)

The last medical researches proves that with its help it is possible to cure more than 200 illnesses - and 92 persons from 100 forget about their problems forever. The organism not simply expels illnesses from itself, but also the genetically memory reduces the decayed resources.

Don't spend $750, $1000 or $5000 on a Quantum therapy Low Level Lasers

Select units available for under $150 + FREE shipping worldwide!

Medical researches are in progress and in leading Russian clinics and in the Center of quantum medicine (Quantum therapy), the list of illnesses, which can be cured by the Low level laser therapy Vityas cold laser as extends continuously. It is not necessary to visit doctors anymore:

Cold Laser Vityas — Basic Kit           Cold laser Vityas — Kit VIP            Cold Laser Vityas — Portable        Buy Magnetic Pulser AMT-01

Quantum therapy - Low level laser therapy Vityas cold laser - lllt - is your domestic doctor.

And it is absolutely innocuous and any person can use it.

Quantum therapy treatment does not take a lot of time - several sessions by endurance from 5 to 25 minutes will be quite enough.

And no more tablets, hospitals and long routines in the physiotherapeutic cabinet - the organism will do everything itself.

Low level laser therapy Vityas - lllt.

Quantum therapy - Low level laser - Vityas cold laser device work in your CAR and in your HOUSE!

ALL international buyers are Welcome!

The shipping is Shipping for all Cold laser Vityas - FREE. Low prices. Free international shipping. for all world!

Low level laser therapy Vityas cold laser can help you be healthy in 200 DISEASES

Quantum therapy device Vityas and SURGERY:

Traumatic and Operative Wounds Infiltrates, Panaritia, Hydradenitis without Suppuration Signs Abscesses, Phlegmons, Furuncles, Hidradenitis, Carbuncles, any Processes with Suppuration Signs Burns and Frostbites Endarteritis Obliternas. Atherosclerosis of Lower Extremities' Vessels Lower Extremities Varicosis Trophic Ulcer of Varicosis or other Origin Raynaud's Disease (Raynaud's Syndrome) Post-operation Enteroparesis.

Low level laser Vityas and DISEASES OF JOINTS:

Vertebral Column. Osteochondrosis. Myositis. Clavicular-Humeroscapular Zone Subacrominal Bursitis. Humeroscapular Periarthritis. Humeral Articulation. Elbow Joint. Lateral Epicondylitis ("Tennis Elbow") Medial Epicondylitis ("Golf Elbow") Radiocarpal Articulation. Small Articulations of Fingers Hip Joint. Arthritis. Arthrosoarthritis. Knee Joint. Talocrural Articulation. Small Joints of Foot. Calcaneal Spur Injure of Joints` Ligamentus Apparatus. Traumatic Bones' Fractures. Arthritis and Arthrosis of Temporomaridibular Articulation. CONCUSSIONS, hydradenites. OPEN WOUNDS. TROPHIC ULCER, LONG OPEN WOUNDS, DECUBITUS.


Sinusitis Acute Rhinitis Chronic Rhinitis Vasomotor Rhinitis Atrophic Rhinitis Subatrophic Rhinitis Pharyngitis Stenosis-Free Laryngotracheitis Laryngotracheitis with no more than I Degree Stenosis Acute catarrhal otitis. Acute suppurative otitis. Chronic mesotympanitis. Tympanoplasty Operations on the Substitution of PE Transplant for Auditory Ossicles: the MIL-therapy during the Post-operative Period Otosclerosis. Meniere's Disease. Sinusitis Maxillary Sinusitis Frontal Sinusitis Acute Tonsillitis. Exacerbation of Chronic Tonsillitis. Lacunar Angina. Tinnitus, and Weak Hearing.

STOMATOLOGY and Quantum therapy Laser Equipment's:

Acute Gingivostomatitis. Gingivitis. Parodontosis. Acute Pulpitis. Chronic pulpitis exacerbation. Chronic Granulating Periodontitis. Jaw Fractures.

CARDIOLOGY and medical cold soft lasers:

Ischemia. Stenocardia of I and II Functional Class. Cardalgia of Unclear Etiology. Syndromes of Small and Large Thoracal Muscles. Cardiomyopathy. Ischemia. Stenocardia of III and IV Functional Class. Myocardial Infarct. Arrhithmiae. Acquired Valvular Disease. Myocarditis. Myocardiodystrophy. Hypertension. Arterial Hypertension. Cervical Migraine. Eye- and Headaches against a Background of Arterial Pressure Increase. Arrhythmiae: general approach.

Low Level Cold Laser and PULMONOLOGY:

Pneumonia. Acute Pneumonia. Pleurisy. Bronchiolitis. Chronic Pneumoniae. Chronic Bronchitis. Bronchial asthma.


Acute and Chronic Liver Diseases. Infectious Hepatitis. Liver Fatty Degeneration. Liver Cirrhosis. Acute, Chronic Cholecystitis. Billiary Tracts Dyskinesia. Acute Pancreatitis. Chronic Pancreatitis. Pancreanecrosis. Gastric Ulcer. Peptic ulcer. Duodenitis. Cicatricial Changes of Duodenal Bulb. Chronic, Nonspecific Colitis. Constipation. Duodenal ulcer.


Vityas cold laser and GYNECOLOGY:

Endometritis. Salpingooforitis. Cervical Erosion. Functional Disturbances of Menstrual Cycle in Reproductive Age. Hyperplastic Diseases, Endometria. Retention Ovary Cysts. Some Forms of Sterility. Algomenorrhea. Pelvic Pain. Spastic Processes. Endometriosis Mastitis Prevention. Mastitis' Treatment. Hypogalactia. Dishormonal Mastopathy. Fibroadenomatosis. Disruption and hydrops of mamilla.


Acute Prostatitis. Chronic Prostatitis. Uretritis. Acute Cystitis. Chronic Cystitis. Acute, Chronic Pielonephritis. Acute, Chronic Glomerulonephritis. Enuresis. Encopresis. Urolithiasis. Renal Colic (Cupping).

PROCTOLOGY and soft laser:

Hemorrhoids. Pruritus Fissures.

Vityas cold laser and NEUROLOGY:

Vertebral Insufficiency of Different Origin. Consequences of Cerebral Circulation Disturbance Neuropathy (Neuritis) of Ophthalmic Nerve Trigeminal Nerve Neuralgia. Trigeminal Nerve Neuropathy. 157 Vegetovascular Dystonia.(VVD) Meurocirculatory Dystonia.(NCD) Chronic Neurological Displays. Root Pains. Asthenic States of any Etiology. Depressive States of any Etiology Delirium Tremens and Abstinence Syndrome. Chronic Alcoholism. Stammering. Logoneurosis. Epilepsy.

Quantum therapy and DERMATOLOGY:

ECZEMA, Neurodermitis, DERMATITIS. Toxicodermia. Psoriasis. Itching dermatosis. FURUNCULOSIS, VERRUCAS, HERPES OF SKIN and GENITAL ORGANS, WRINKLES

ENDOCRINOLOGY and Cold Laser Vityas:

Diffusive Growth of Thyroid Gland with Moderate Thyrotoxicosis Signs. Diabetes Mellitus.

Cold Laser Vityas — Basic Kit           Cold laser Vityas — Kit VIP            Cold Laser Vityas — Portable        Buy Magnetic Pulser AMT-01

Low level laser therapy Vityas and OPHTHALMOLOGY:

Acute Conjunctivitis. Ophthalmia. Light Strabismus. Light Vision Weakness. Eye Fatigue.

PEDIATRICS and quantum therapy Equipment's:

General Somatic Stimulation for Children over 3 years old. Children's Gastroenterology. Children's Diseases of Kidneys and Urinary Tracts.

Quantum therapy device Cold laser Vityas application in Veterinary.

Low level laser therapy Vityas - quantum therapy and cold laser.


Quantum therapy - Low level laser therapy Vityas clinical effects:

  • Anesthesia

  • Improvement of power cellular potential

  • Improvement of a trophicity of tissues

  • Antihydropic effect

  • Activization of synthesis of fiber (DNA)

  • Augmentation of development and activation of enzymes

  • Rising of development ATF

  • Improvement of microcirculation, structure and functions of a blood

  • Angenesis

  • Intensifying of synthesis of a collagen

  • Anti-inflammatory action

  • Antihydropic action

  • Anesthetizing action

  • Depression of a level of a cholesterin

  • Normalization of specific and nonspecific factors of immunity

  • Potent antioxidatic effect

  • Normalization and body height of synthesis of Prostaglandinums

  • Depression of a level oxidations of lipids

  • Heating of fabric structures of superficial layers

  • Influence on the receptors located in a skin, with rising a threshold of painful sensations

  • Activization of microcirculation

  • Prophylaxis and treatment of a cellulitis

  • Intensifying of neogenesis of an epithelium and skin

  • Intensifying of penetration of laser radiation in a tissue

  • Local anesthesia

  • Improvement of microcirculation

  • The expressed therapeutic effect in the field of the joints having a plenty of a quaggy connecting tissue

  • Prophylaxis and treatment of a cellulitis

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Low Level Cold Laser Equipment's & device | medical cold soft lasers

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Eczema - Dermatitis




Phlebeurysm - varicose veins

Obliterating endarteritis

Chronic pancreatitis

Biliary dyskinesia

Duodenal ulcer

Peptic ulcer

Bronchial asthma



Cervical erosion. Causes of cervical erosion. The symptoms of cervical erosion.

The causes of alveolysis disease, gingivitis and periodontitis

Pulpit: diagnosis of pulpitis, classification of pulpitis, Chronic pulpitis.

Chronic Rhinitis - chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

Medical lasers.

Cold laser Vityas Kit VIP - new video


New video about cold laser device Vityas - Basic Kit



Video about Portable cold laser device Vityas

About Cold Laser Vityas

What is a Low level laser therapy or LLLT?

Technology of quantum medicine

Quantum medicine

The optimal parameters of QUANTUM THERAPY

Prostate disease.

Prostate disease and quantum therapy cold laser Vityas.

Skin diseases: Low level laser therapy and WRINKLES.

Cold laser Vityas helps treat Skin diseases: HERPES OF SKIN and GENITAL ORGANS

Skin diseases: Quantum therapy laser Vityas helps treat FURUNCULOSIS and VERRUCAS.

Skin diseases: Cold laser Vityas helps treat dermatitis and eczema.

Sinusitis. What is sinusitis? Causes of sinusitis. Symptoms of sinusitis. Diagnosis of sinusitis. Treatment and quantum therapy cold laser Vityas of sinusitis.

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Cold laser as a means of pain relief and promote healing.

Arthritis - joint diseases.

Types of Arthritis. Symptoms of Arthritis. Treatment of Arthritis and Vityas Cold laser.

Arthrosis (osteoarthritis).

Causes of arthrosis.

Symptoms of arthrosis.

Treatment of arthrosis (osteoarthritis).



Classification of arthrosis.

Causes of arthrosis. Symptoms of arthrosis. Treatment of arthrosis and Vityas quantum therapy


Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis overview. Causes of rheumatoid arthritis.


Arthritis treatment for Vityas cold laser.

Laser therapy

- treatment of quantum cold laser.

Vityas Cold laser

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment options.

What is a quantum therapy?

FAQ quantum therapy vityas Cold laser.

Quantum therapy - Low level laser therapy device Vityas cold laser - Stay healthy with a cold laser Vityas!

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